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The Singularity.



We won't go into statistics about cameras or equipment. We realise that your film is a direct reflection of your brands values, it needs to look beautiful. Reflecting the quality, care and expertise you pride yourself on. We shoot your video on cinema standard equipment, delivering a sublime video texture that reflects utmost quality.


As filmmakers we are used to delivering emotion, meaning and story in non-verbal forms, this is the magic of cinema. You are being delivered key information without the use of words.

Corporate filmmaking should be no different. We use this same non-verbal communication to fully convey your brand's proposition. We call this the film's atmosphere, and its the keystone in building and engaging film. 


We are conscious of over selling, we don't like ads that feel like ads. Our promotional content centres around enticing the viewer in with an engaging story, thrilling action or thick atmosphere. Your product with be there, and explained; not with facts or dialogue - but a combination of atmosphere, tone, colour and beauty.


The Team


Singularity Film is the creation of filmmaker Moss Davis. We are a small, yet competent, Video & Film Production Agency; focusing on creating timeless promotional content fused with narrative film. Using a team of freelancers, when required, Singularity can offer surprising affordability while maintaining the highest production values.

 Moss - Director

Moss - Director

 Chantelle - Producer

Chantelle - Producer

The singularity could be defined as a moment where everything changes exponentially. A single passing moment that fractures the future.
This fascinates us deeply.



Social media is changing video content as a dazzling rate. New forms of film/video are being created every month from vines to memes, these are great - but they are disposable. We love film because its permanent. We love creating content that lasts; this stemmed from our documentary work but has trickled into our corporate filmmaking, brand film and promotional videos equally. This stems from our focus of subtlety, and is what we believe makes films resistant to ageing.



We feel strongly that creating a film that is long lasting is of primary significance. If your only allowed to change your film a few times before your production company says its done - that isn't a recipe for great filmmaking. We will stay up all night tweaking a making changes if you require. *Subject to following our post-production guide, it speeds everything up and explains the process :)



Its always lovely to hear how their film has increased web traffic, created an atmosphere on their website or been enjoyed on social media. We always make sure each and every client is fully happy with the results, many of them write us a personal testimonial or offer to be a reference. Word of mouth is the most genuine form of advertising, we are sure any of our clients would be happy to tell you of their experience working with us.





"Singularity turned our brief into a reality with ease, the whole process was streamlined and was a pleasure to work along side. Our brief was very loose and Singularity added so much more - the cinematic atmosphere, as Moss called it, was exactly what we were looking for and compliments our brand perfectly. Pricing was extremely competitive and we will be using Singularity again"


“We contacted Moss at Singularity Film as we wanted to create a short introductory story in a film style and his work to date really caught our eye. Having met with him and explained the joys of trying to run an aerospace start-up and the challenges this brings both financially and that much of our project is in the concept stage, therefore visualisation is a challenge when keeping certain IP elements protected. But Moss understood perfectly, came up with the perfect price, atmosphere and story approach for the video and was very easy to work with. But most of all, extremely accommodating to get the film turned around in record time (7 days), to enable us to release the video on our 2 year anniversary. I cannot recommend working with Moss/Singularity enough and we have begun a long journey that we hope he will be part of, to document our exciting journey to first test flight and beyond”



Moss had the vision to make our ski holidays come alive. He was imaginative and versatile with his shots which enabled him to capture all aspects of what we offer. To cover everything in a week is very impressive, normally one would expect to hire a specialist for each area; food, service, interiors, exteriors, skiing, atmosphere... He of course has his own angle which he pursues; atmospheric cinematography, which I was a little hesitant with at time but bear with it because the finished product is pure brilliance and something we would of never planned. Thank you very much Moss for showing that Ski Peak is much more than just a ski holiday.


"The promotional video Moss produced for us at Herefordshire Raceway was awesome! Full of action and professionally produced it really helped showcase what we have to offer. This has helped promote the business at a fraction of the cost larger companies were quoting us"


"If you could see my face. feel my hand in a hearty congratulatory handshake and be aware of all non verbal expressions of delight you would have your feedback.....
But emails are words...
so I say that it is:
     Absolute Communication.
        A pure work of art.
            and , I love it.  


"Our work with Singularity Film involved shooting various aspects of our Trampoline Park aiming to capture all we have to offer to a very wide audience. Moss was more than accommodating to our needs, and offered a wealth of experience and exciting ideas for the initial planning phase as well as offering numerous tweaks and additional filming which was much appreciated. We were thrilled with the results, the footage has been beyond expectations and we’re looking forward to releasing it across our website, social media and within the facility itself."


"This was the first time we a had commissioned a short film and I found the whole process straightforward. Singularity turned our brief into a high quality film within a very short timeframe – delivery was ahead of time and to a high quality, and our expectations were well-managed throughout the process. I felt that Moss quickly understood where we were coming from and suggested effective ways of highlighting the points we wanted to come across in the film. All interaction was highly professional, we were very pleased with the outcome and we will definitely be working with Singularity again"