Rayzr 7 LED Fresnel & SoftBox Setup/Review

rayzr 7 led fresnel with softbox

Sometimes you have to pack light and work with a minimal setup, this is exactly what we did with a recent food photography setup. Working solo I had to have gear I could carry, setup and use single-handed. There wasn't space for scrims or reflectors, no one to help with lighting or shooting. 

Finished still, showing the quality of light.

Finished still, showing the quality of light.

Kit for the day, all fitting in 4 cases. Easy!

Kit for the day, all fitting in 4 cases. Easy!


The guys Rayzr7 have kindly sent us a softbox to trial, this seemed the perfect opportunity to test it out. See what look it gives and how easy it is to use. Short version - Very well!

The light was placed on about 3ft above the table shining down at about 160'. I wanted to give a natural, medium soft look without the use of bounce lighting or and other sources. We only had a couple of hours to shoot and the setup needed to be minimal. There were other incandescent & LED fixtures in the room but none were adversely affecting the setup. 

I was pleased with the results from such a 'run&gun' approach, it seems this light with the softbox is perfect to fast paced setups like these and lighting faces for interviews. The build quality is good and the grid is a nice addition that attempts to control the light spilling off too much. The best feature is the ability to be able to fold it flat fully assembeld so its ready to go in 5 seconds if needed 

Below is an interview still using the same light and an LED panel as a hair light. This, in my opinion is where the soft box excels. Fast, easy and predictable results from a super lightweight setup that runs of battery power. 

talking head video production

Rayzr 7 LED Fresnel Test/Review

I have been watching this new LED fresnel since the latter part of 2016; waiting for real world tests of colour rendition and brightness. There didn't seem to be any tests appearing online so In the end I caved, and decided to buy one. Curiosity got the better of me.

The lure of a lightweight, instant warm up/cool down, durable, dimmable light with high CRI. 300w consumption is just a bonus! - you can even run this off battery power. 

Rayzr 7 LED in use with 1/8CTS

Rayzr 7 LED in use with 1/8CTS

Set up to mimic sunlight

Set up to mimic sunlight

This isn't a full scale review, more of a real world test application. I decided to shoot a documentary style scene. The subject was a potter throwing; the texture of the hands, clay and scene would be good for hard lighting. Seeing as this is a fresnel light I didn't want to diffuse it for this test. I quickly found that 5600k seemed quite cool for this scene, I felt it needed to be warmed up a touch to mimic sunlight. I added a 1/8th CTS and personally think it looks incredible. I wouldn't be able to tell it was an LED if I didn't know.

The following was shot in less than an hour and a half, from setup to pack down. Shot handheld in raw on the BMPCC, with a vintage 35mm lens (we love minimal at singularity). Grading was a simple Kodak 2383 LUT in DaVinci Resolve with some sharpening and exposure adjustments. 

Overall Im very pleased... Its powerful enough to mimic sunlight (just). The colour rendition is very good. Build quality is good. Flicker free. It does make a small hum from the fan, but this isn't a deal breaker.

Glad we made the purchase, Thank you Rayzr 7!



Rayzr 7 @ 100%. no diffusion. iso 200 with ND

Natural scene for comparison. iso 1600

Colour Grading with the DJI Phantom 4

Colour Grading with the DJI Phantom 4

Our most recent addition to the 'toolbox' was the DJI Phantom 4 Drone. If you are familiar with Drones and UAV's your'll know this is not a high-end bit of kit, rather a prosumer gadget. We were not after a pro UAV as we do not claim to be Aerial Specialists - rather we needed a series of aerial shots and this was the best option. However this has bought to light an important question. How cinematic can you make a Phantom 4 look? 


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