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How to get the most views and best ROI from your Promotional Video

How can you get as many people to view your promotional video as possible. In this post we will explore several tips and tricks to maximise your return on investment.

So your video production company just delivered your film, hopefully you love it and its says everything about your brand you need it to. So what do you do with it now? In this post we offer some useful tips about releasing your film onto the web.

  • Keep it safe! - We backup all our work and will archive your film, but please keep your own copy safe, allot of hard work went into creating it. The best bet is a DVD or Memory stick with the High-Resolution Uncompressed film on it, then put it somewhere you wont loose it. Another option is uploading it to DropBox or similar cloud storage.


  • Upload it to all platforms separately. - This one is important, to get the most from your Promotional Video you need to have it in the right place with the right formats. You need to upload it to each platform separately. YouTube must have its own copy, Vimeo and Facebook need there own copy too. We recommend creating a 15 version for Instagram too. Why? Well social media platforms are sneaky and actually hide posts from other platforms. For example Facebook will show a Facebook Video to more of your followers than a link to a Youtube video... You can measure this by watching the view count and user engagement of each post.


  • Creating a youtube account with your keyword in. - this will positively affect the rankings of you videos, and in turn, your website. This can also be accompanied by creating Closed Captions or a Transcript of your video for further SEO. We can help with this if needed, just ask.


  • Use remaining budget to promote the film - Singularity aims to deliver quality a ta  lower price-point, so you can use the remaining budget to show our beautiful film to potential clients and customers. Our films focus on atmosphere and are organically shared, however many of our previous clients have seen outstanding ROI from a simple campaign promoting the video through Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We are here to walk you though the process of video advertising.


  • Capture images from your film - We shoot 4K on cinema cameras so the footage looks stunning, the benefit of this is you can save any frame/still you like as a still, and use it to promote your brand on Social Media. Several clients have run competitions using our videos and used stills to promote the competition, generating massive increase in traffic to their websites. Not to mention you can use them on your website if needed.


  • Place it on your homepage - Google recognises video content and can rank you higher in google listings if you have interesting video content embedded. This also works the other way round, so place your homepage link in the Youtube Video and people can click from youtube (the 2nd largest search engine) to your website. Win Win for Video Content.
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