What Can I Get with a £750 Promotional Video Budget?

Short Answer: A whole lot..

So your brand is new, you only have a small marketing budget left, yet you are aware that online video is the most valuable form of advertising after your website. You want it to look professional, capture the brand and be creative. How do you get all that for next to nothing?


Well, thats exactly what Hereford's newest Coffee Shop 'De Koffie Pot' were thinking. They wanted a creative & bespoke video to capture the atmosphere of their fantastic new space on the river and were delighted when we said the film could fall into our unique 'Company Overview' package.

With a fixed budget of £750 - this is what we delivered.


Any brand can see huge ROI from commissioning a brand film. No matter what size, these short raw videos are a fresh approach to the promo-video market. They focus on delivering the atmosphere in a subtle form.


  1. Your'll rank higher in Google, online video content directly affects SEO ranking.
  2. People will understand your proposition in 90 seconds, doesn't get much quicker than that.
  3. The film is a clear reflection of your brands quality and style. Your audience will pick up on this subconsciously - subtle selling.


  1. Our cameras are state of the art - we own them, so no hire charges. 
  2. Filmed in one day - we budget one day shooting for this package, but if we are clever we can make it work.
  3. One man band - the company overview allows for a 1 person crew. Experienced in all aspects of production from Cinematography to Sound Design.
  4. Creative Control - Probably the most important aspect, our client has to trust us. To produce a product like this on budget we must have complete creative control over the production. We will of course work with you to make sure this is what you are after during Pre-Production.

If this is of interest to your proposition then please drop us a line with the form below, we will be happy to offer some ideas on how a £750 film can showcase your brand.

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