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A Post-Production Guide for Clients: How to work efficiently with your video production company.

Post production often throws up the most challenges, when your shooting you have to get it right. But when your editing, things are more subjective - there is an limitless way to arrange your project, colour your footage or apply VFX. When you are working alongside a client this can often be testing if you are not on the same page. This is a guide to our post production workflow, so clients can understand the process and how things work once your film crew wrap.

This is written with our workflow in mind, but is applicable to any film/video production company you choose to work with. In our contract we specify a limit of 3 amendments to the edit, however we need our clients to be 110% happy with their investment - this is how to get the most from a video production company!

The Rough Edit :

This is the first stage. This clips are ingested and backed up, and proxies created for editing. These are then imported onto the timeline an we begin the edit. We work to the guide we drew up with the client on our initial meetings or discussions; the timeframe, styling and key points noted in the proposal. At this stage the film will, most likely, look rough. The sound will be unfinished and the colours may look flat - thats not important its the foundations of the film we are building. We will then show this to the client to make sure they like the overall feel of the film.

What we would like to know :

Feedback is great, the more detailed the better. But respect is key, we put allot of creative energy in the first edit and film is a highly subjective medium. If the client thinks things need to be changed thats fine, we just ask they listen to the reason we created it that way. At this stage we need to know if we are on the right lines - most of the time we are, and this is why its so important to have lengthy discussions during pre-production. Make a note of our..

  • Music Choice,
  • Narrative Structure,
  • Key items (people speaking, closeups, etc.)
  • Timing
  • Atmosphere


The Amended Edit :

We will have taken into consideration the clients comments. If there were any larger changes to be made, this is where the client can see how they look. If all is well, usually it is by this stage, then we move on to the finer details. The sound design will be near complete by now and the edit will resemble its finished form.

This is the important part - we need to know about all the detailing, tuning and other amendments at this point. Once we move on to Finalising & Grading there is no going back, we will explain why.

What to look out for :

  • Titles / Names / Spellings
  • Logo's
  • Sound Design
  • Finer Edits


Finalising :

If all is well we will finish the sound design and lock the edit. Once the edit is locked will we export it into our Colour Grading Program and begin work on the colour of the film. Here we create atmosphere with the use of tones, or correct false colours. If the project requires VFX, this is also done here.

Any changes to the film structure will be chargeable from this point. It takes our team allot of hours to colour grade a project, that is an art in itself, and we cannot afford to redo all their hard work. Its key both client and producer are happy with the film at this point. 


  • Colour Grading
  • Audio Sync 
  • Overall Quality, Clarity & Sharpness


Delivery : 

Once the finalising is complete then we will deliver your film. How we do that is discussed at the start - most of the time if it is destined for the web, then a memory stick will be delivered to you in a variety of playable formats. We guarantee backups of projects for 1 year, and hopefully forever. But please keep your own copy safe, allot of hard work has gone into the films!


  • Does it play?
  • Does upload to your website?
  • Do you need any extra video formats, for BlueRay, Cinema, or Television?
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