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How to say 'thank you' to your small creative agency or video production company

Here are some easy ways to 'tip' to any small business like ourselves.

So you've just received your set of photographs, new website, graphic design work or a short film and your over the moon. Here's what you can do to show say thank you.



One of the most powerful ways to say thank you to a small business. Everyone is fighting for the top spot on google, and SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the key. If you are really happy with your product and wish to return the favour, this is the ultimate 'tip'. Simply add a link to the homepage of the company you used, on your website next to their work. Maybe include a small paragraph saying what work they did and how it was achieved. The receiving company with be extremely thankful! 

Credit The Company

By default we don't brand our products and neither do many other agencies, photographers and filmmakers. If you are proud of your new video then there is a good chance others will be impressed too. Just leave their name near the products, they can give them a google if they wish to view more.

Social Media - 

A simple tag on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram explaining what the agency created and how your've been working together. Even a quick post will be very appreciated. Include a reason to find out more that benefits the both of you. Behind the scenes, something fun or more information works well.

Traditional Testimonial - 

A couple of lines about what they created for you, and your honest thoughts about what working with them was like. Focus on points like budget, timeframe, interactions and finished quality. Also if the company has any unique qualities or are nice to deal with then mention that.


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