Company Overview Film.

Stylish. Compact. affordable

Our company overview film, a short sharp introduction into your business, brand or service. Minimal, yet artistic, these 30 - 90 second videos convey your USP in an eye catching, cinematic and visually exciting format. Starting at just £575, these are easily the most affordable introduction into online video for your brand.

First Impressions 

These are often placed right at the front our your website and first impressions count. SEO experts know that video content not only drives traffic and increases search rankings , but they are also the first interaction visitors will have with your website, and they need to be outstanding!


Our cinematic approach to all film production catches the eye and shows that you care about your brands image. We film with this in mind, and our raw, minimal approach combined with carefully crafted images gives a subtle impression of class and style. 

Kickstarter & Crowdfunding 

The company overview is often seen in crowdfunding campaigns, and its a perfect application. We are shown the story of your business, how you came to be and why you're different. The film is not selling anything, the viewer is shown how and why your unique and left to make up their own mind. This refreshing approach makes the video more likely to be shared organically and entertains the audience throughout.

Kickstarter video production
Kickstarter film production

Kickstarter Campaigns, Holiday lets, Clothing Brands, Product Demos, Art Galleries, Dance Showreels...

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