Singularity Film

We recognise you are busy people so the fact you are here means a lot. I created this page to highlight a couple of our philosophies, pricing structures and some other reasons you might consider offering our filmmaking to your clients.



why are we reaching out...

Singularity is a small company & unique in its structure, we have a small in house team and use freelancers for larger productions. This flexibility is key to offering affordable products while maintaining quality.

Over the past couple of years we have worked directly with clients, however we recently started working with agencies, PR teams, SEO experts & Web designers and its a great fit. This is why I am getting in touch with some local agencies.


Atmosphere & subtlety...

We create short films inspired by the subtlety of cinema. Coming from a background in narrative filmmaking I have moved to corporate work bringing this element of storytelling with it. All our corporate work is selling, informing or enticing people at its core. But I try and do this with a 'cinematic approach'. For example using atmosphere to non-verbally communicate with the audience. I think this is highly effective in video advertising and is much needed in the disposable world of social media. Our films try to contain a balance  of subtlety and atmosphere to deliver the information.



The brand film sells the essence of the brand non-verbally. Using atmosphere, emotion, & texture to convey the brand values and subtlety show them to the viewer. We are not overtly showcasing a product.



A documentary promotional video hybrid. Selling a product or service with an emotive story. Often 2-5 minutes in length, using documentary storytelling techniques to intrigue and engage. From CIC's & charity's to product stories & kickstarter video, we just need a compelling story to tell.


Promotional  / Corporate

Promotional or corporate videos with a cinematic feel. I feel less is more with promotional videos, its easy to oversell and the video become cheesy or loose engagement. As with cinema - let your audience to the thinking and they will stay watching.


Pricing Breakdowns 

Pricing is simple and transparent. Each project will have a full proposal drawn up and budget breakdown attached. Clients can see exactly where the money is heading and can decide to invest in certain areas of production to suit. We use a combination of in-house day rates and freelancer fees to arrive at our budgets.

Typically promotional films start from £1400. While brand films range from £2000-10,000 depending on the script & production values. I am also happy to discuss day-rates, which may work depending on how you implement video with your clients.


Thank you

If you have read this far I am truly grateful. The coffee & cake is on me if you would like to meet up and discuss. Happy to answer any questions, provide other examples of work or even draw up a proposal of your choosing. 

Speak soon!