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Singularity Music Library | Submit your own creative tracks

Submit your music. Singularity Film Music Library. Whether its creative, corporate or documentary; Music is integral to our filmmaking. We are working with small, unknown artists who are passionate and creative - building our own library of licensable music.

Submit your music to our expanding music library.

We are constantly looking to increase our music library. Music is the foundation to any great corporate, creative or documentary film, we believe that music can make or break a production and it is equally as important as the visuals - this is why we go to great lengths to search out the latest talent.

Our music library is split into two sections, FREE TO USE and LICENCE. Both have their place, and while we support musicians as best we can, free to use is where newer artists can submit their works and get it heard by thousands of listeners.

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Please include an instrumental version with your submission and a little bit about you, we look forward to listening!

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