Our Portfolio

The following is select work demonstrating our unique approach to film and video production. Every project was different in content, yet still constructed with our philosophy of subtle, atmospheric filmmaking, getting wholeheartedly to the core of each proposition. 

Clients often choose to produce multiple films or commission photography alongside the production. If you click on the learn more buttons you will be directed to their website where you can see how they have implemented the work.



Cheltenham's little secret, this speakeasy style underground drinking den needed a short video for social media ahead of its launch in October. We were commissioned to create a 30 second film showing the styling, atmosphere and give a glimpse into what this space might be like without giving too much away...

Keyword - Secretive

Product Style - Promotional Video / Brand Film

Work Produced - 30s Teaser + 2 Minute Brand Film + Photography


Seven capital - Property Showcase 

Property video production london

Luxury property developers Seven Capital commissioned a 90 second brand film to showcase their latest development. We combined aspects of brand filmmaking with traditional promotional filmmaking to produce this short cinematic property video. The budget allowed us to shoot on the Sony F65 with Cooke cinema lenses - the same setup as feature films such as Ex Machina (2015). This gave the finish a film-like texture that complimented the brands values.

Keywords - Engaging & Informative

Product Style - Brand Film

Work Produced - 90 second film


Heartless - Music Video Production

Music Video, Red Flare in Warehouse

Rapper Vision came to us with just a theme, a style and a tone. He knew the style but wanted us to create the concept. We loved the sound of his music and let the dark tones lead the visuals. Creating a metaphorical story of emotional trauma.

Keyword - Dark

Product - Music Video

Work Produced - Music Video, Directors Cut Music Video


TINSMITSHS - Promotional Documentary

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 14.35.08.png

Commissioned by Ledbury galley Tinsmiths to produce a short documentary film following the design and production of some prints for their upcoming show. The gallery wanted to display a film alongside the works on display to give context and insight into the prints. They also asked for a cut down 2 minute version to use on social media.

Keyword - Insight

Product Style - Documentary

Work Produced - 90 Second Promotional Film, 2 Minute Documentary, 5 Minute Film


One of the most groundbreaking projects we have worked on, Faradair plans on changing intercity travel by the year 2020 with their new aircraft. They came to use wanting to create a film to show to investors, something to show the work done so far and create a buzz of excitement online.

Keyword - Epic

Product Style - Corporate Video

Work Produced - Corporate Video/Funding Video + Photography




A subtle promotional video produced for ski bug. This down-to-earth chalet company wanted to covey their affordable, yet lovely ski accommodation and food with a short film. The idea was to crate a relatable and engaging short film, designed to give skiers a buzz of excitement from watching the cosy accommodation and delicious food.

Keyword - Down-to-earth

Product Style - Promotional Video

Work Produced - Promotional Film + Chalet Walkthrough Video



SONOS product video

Leading SONOS retailer, Smart Home Sounds, came to us with a an idea about creating an unboxing video for their leading products. We came up with the idea of a cinematic, unboxing video. No dialogue, just music leading the edit. We wanted the viewer to be able to watch and dream of setting up their own SONOS product.

Keyword - Minimal

Product Style - Promotional Video

Work Produced - 2 x Unboxing Videos + Overview Video + iPhone App Animation

SET squared - Event Video

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 14.37.43.png

Like many new clients, SETsquared Bristol came across our films via google. They wanted a videographer to cover their business showcase event, but were also looking covey the atmosphere and passion of the participants. We produced a short 3 minute overview film and a longer 10 minute informative version with interview with some of the key participants.

Keyword - Informative with atmosphere

Product Style - Corporate Event

Work Produced - 3 Minute Event Film, 10 Minute Event Film

The finished product is pure brilliance and something we would of never planned. Thank you very much Moss for showing that Ski Peak is much more than just a ski holiday.
— Jamie - Ski Peak