Promotional Documentary.

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What on earth is a promotional documentary? 

A hybrid of our promotional video and documentary work, a raw and engaging insight into your brand. We want to keep the viewer entertained while telling the story at a slower, more real pace than the traditional promotional video. From Travel Film, to Product Demonstrations and Artist Profiles, the promo'doc is a fresh style of filmmaking thats unique to singularity.


We film our Promo'Doc's with a small crew, often using real customers, clients and people to tell the stories. The camerawork is constructed and beautiful while being raw and believable. The camera is often handheld and the viewer is aware what they are watching is real and not manufactured - delivering a more powerful message.


This is a fresh style of filmmaking, Singularity is always pushing new areas of content creation and we feel that we have stumbled across something great. Any SEO expert will tell you that video content is a surefire way to increase rankings, but they will also say that half the battle is unique content - the promotional documentary is just that.


Social media is great, but its saturated with atomised video content. Video thats 10 seconds long. While it works for some things, cat videos. We believe people are craving more constructed media, something they can click fullscreen and watch with a cuppa. Increasingly we are seeing a rise in viral short format documentary - we are combining this with promotional media to generate a new level of reach for our clients. Read about our viral  videos here.