The Workshop

A place where we upload all our creations, reviews, tests, failures & masterpieces. 

Every craftsman has his workshop, this is ours.


Rayzr LED light test film

Above is a small test film for the new Rayzr 7 LED light. Lighting is arguably the most important building block of great cinematography, we were keen to test these exciting new lights, and we LOVE them!

Back in action - Promo-doc Style

The two video here are for the same wonderful client, Back In Action. Promoting their unique product, the mobiliser. They are  wonderful in the way they listen to us as filmmakers and let us have input into the production, but also distribution of the film. We have had many conversations about the two styles and which may perform better.

Back in action - Social Media Edit

On the right is our signature style, a real and raw video showing the humanity of the subject. On the right is a fast paced, social media style edit. Over the coming months we will monitor how both perform online and update here - but even from the start it seems the slower paced promo-doc held people longer. We will update with facts and figures as soon as we can!

Watch product lighting setup

Product lighting test - ng leather

We love the new watch straps from NG Leather and wanted to perfect the lighting to show off not only the strap but the watch too. We opted for a large light source against a black background to give a soft look, yet let all the details of the watch shimmer. a backlight was added off to the side to give slightly more 'shimmer'