Viral Video Production

What is viral video?

According to wikipedia "A viral video is a video that becomes popular through a viral process of Internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites, social media and email." But what makes a video go viral? Im not sure there is one specific set of criteria, however there is some correlation between common traits, themes and styles of delivery. Viral video is a sure fire way to boost your engagement. 

How would viral video benefit my proposition?

Facebook Metrics after viral video release

Facebook Metrics after viral video release

Quite simply, its shared virally. Getting in front of massive amounts of potential customers. The viewers grow exponentially by the day if the content is right. To the right is a real example of what a simple viral video can do for your Facebook page.

To put this into context, if we had paid Facebook for the same number of organic views we had it would have cost us between £9,000 & £14,000. And we exceeded that about of views for about a week of work and a dash of creativity. 



An Example of a simple viral video

We attended the Gloucester Cheese Rolling this year, what a barmy tradition! But it makes for great viewing when filming in slow-motion! 

We think this went viral because of the unique way we had captured the event. It has never before been shot in super slow-motion & edited with atmospheric focus juxtaposed with an emotional soundtrack!


there is no guarantee

Selling viral videos is a bit like selling snake oil. You just cant guarantee it will go viral. We don't offer viral video as a service, but if you wish, we can create a short film with the right formula, content and delivery methods to go viral. 

If you would like to know more about this crazy, elusive and intriguing phenomenon please do get in touch!


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